Merson's Pier Pressure "Elder" owned by Kay Vaught, Ohio

Merson's Sail La Vie "Marin" owned by the Mansons, Canada

Merson's Yama Kawa Mizu CGC "Mizu" owned by Kimberly & Edward Peterson, Washington, D.C.

MACH2 Merson's Beyond The Sea MX, MXJ, NF "Tex" owned by Nancy Schaal, Wisconsin

Merson's Blackbeard's Gold "Ozzy" owned by John & Mardi Apker, Virginia

Merson's Mobula Ray "Mo" owned by Don Bridenbaker, Texas

Merson's Edmund Fitzgerald "Eddie" owned by Wanda C, Texas

Merson's Fair Wind "Emma" owned by Michael Battle, Ohio

Merson's Nauti-Nauti "Mallory" owned by Brett Bodily, Texas

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