Kevin and I would like to share our goals for our VERY limited breeding program. We breed Belgian Malinois for proper temperament, health, correct structure/type, performance, and for excellent companions. Dogs we have bred have titled in many different disciplines: herding, obedience, conformation, agility, dock diving, canine disc, tracking, et al. We prefer strong, healthy, confident Malinois that possess outgoing personalities. Merson Malinois excel in performance & show events and are wonderful family members.

We do NOT breed for the protection sports or police work. If these are your areas of interest, please click on our links page for breeders who specialize in Malinois for those activities.

Our website is a VERY basic recreational page devoted to our personal dogs and our puppy buyer family. We do not have a kennel set up. Our personal dogs are pets first, show/performance dogs second. Every dog lives inside the house with us and shares our home as cherished family members.

We do not breed litters often and when we do, we are EXTREMELY selective of the new homes. Thank you for visiting today!

Meet our current dogs:

BISS AKC/UKC/MEX/FCI WORLD Ch Surreal Touch du Baiser Orageux 1er choix TT HOF "Dali" - French Import
UKC BPIS AOM Ch Merson's Endless Enigma TT "Kami"
BISS C.I.E.(Spain, Portugal, Hungary, USA) Ch Fang du Hameau Saint Blaise "Fang" - Belgian Import
BISS AOM GCh INCA del Valle Dorado RN HOF "Diego" - Spanish Import
AOM Ch IKEA del Valle Dorado CD BN RA IT "Cate" - Spanish Import
BISS AOM GCh Caveat's The Road To Sturgis CD BN RE NA OAJ OF FDC IT CGCA HOF Swiss Klub Sieger "Lumi"
Ch Merson's Bohemian Rhapsody BN RA IT CGC "Freddie"
- Most Versatile Malinois 2017 ABMC National Specialty
Ch Merson's Demoiselle Grande Cuvée CGC "Demi"
Merson's Cristal SCN SIN PTN PTA CGC "Pieces"
Our foundation & past dogs - Always here in our hearts:
Ch U-CD Crocs-Blancs' Volcanic Ash CD MX OAJ NAP NJP ASCA CD AD PD1 NAC RS-N HCT TT TDI CGC ROM First Class "Ashley"
Ch Salute to Balderlo du Baiser Orageux "Senna" - French Import
Ch Merson's XIV KT Dutch Master HCT TDI CGC "Dutch"
Ch Merson's Chicago Sweetness NA HIC "Payton"
Merson's Where Eagles Dare "Schaffer"
Merson's Varekai "Paloma"
Our other pets from the past
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